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10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

As an SEO consulting company we take SEO very seriously and of course we have seen all sorts of strange attempts and fails. From the very beginning of designing a website, it is important to always plan around the website being search engine optimised. Everyone who owns a website dreams of top rankings in search […]

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2 Easy Marketing Mistakes to Make

Is marketing your second or even third language? What funny marketing mistakes have you made in the past? Well whatever mistakes you may have made, believe it or not you are not alone! Have you ever heard the saying “failure makes you wiser” … these are words to live by – failing is only learning. […]

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Winning Business with Clarity and Focus

With every client we work with at Your Digital Solution, we start by asking “Tell me what you do and who your ideal clients are?” And the response we get can be surprising, amazing, confusing … anything but clear and focused. This is a big issue! Without being clear and focused, you can’t digitally market […]


5 Common Google Ads Mistakes

Google Ads is a strong tool that businesses around the world use to generate fast traffic and if possible, sales. It’s something that has to be done in a certain way and Google is delighted to assist you as far as giving you access to information and guiding you on setting up a campaign. However, […]


Google Ads: Search vs Display which should you use?

There are many different elements which go into online advertising. Regardless of whether you are a new Google Ads user or just looking to refresh your current campaigns, you might be seeing or hearing about Search Ads and Display Ads. So, let’s deconstruct each and learn more. Display Advertising Some websites promote display ads, which […]

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5 Tips for Facebook Advertising

With the rise of many social media platforms, networking has become very easy thus spreading word about your products or services online can be done with a solid social media strategy. Facebook is known as the best in terms of insights, features and audience. However, just because the platform is great for advertising, it doesn’t […]

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4 Tips on Closing Deals

A deal is usually made up of 3 primary stages. The initial part involves offering someone something, then someone decides to embrace and accept this offer, and finally closes the deal. Out of the three parts, closing the sales deal is the most overwhelming of them all. A small business owner may face a lot […]

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How to Prepare for the Christmas Break?

As you may have already noticed, your local shops are already filled with Christmas decorations. If you are a business owner, it is essential to realise that Christmas is the biggest seasonal trend of the year. As holidays are just around the corner, you’ll need to prepare your business for the Christmas break as soon […]

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5 Tips on SEO Content Writing

Have you ever wondered why your blog does not appear at the top of relevant search results? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice carried out to enhance your web pages in the eyes of Google and rank your website higher on search engines. SEO can work to ensure that your business is better placed, […]