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Long Tail and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Time to get your math nerd on! Long Tail refers to a Power Law graph, which is a particular shape of data when describing the frequency of each event in a distribution. It has become widely adopted in SEO circles to explain the thinking needed…
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Materials for Social Media - Intermediate Session

Great to see you at the recent session on managing Social Media - Intermediate. I hope that after our session you won't feel like you are feeling your way in the dark like the guy above! In addition to the pack that was emailed out to attendees,…
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Google changes of Feb 2016 have changed how we should compete

Are the Google changes to ad placements the “adpocolypse”* some feared? In late February 2016, Google made the decision to kill off their right side pay per click (PPC) ads, which left many wondering how this would impact the performance…
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What you measure matters!

Measuring the behaviour of your website users will lead to more profits. It is that important. We have all heard that “what gets measured, gets managed”. In our physical operations their is often only financial data available. With digital…
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Best Time For Promos

Study: Send Push Messages Afternoons, Tuesday Through Friday Review of 100 million push messages yields best practices. Just in time for holiday campaigns, Localytics has released a mobile push messaging best practices guide. The company’s…
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Social Media - Which Tool?

Great little explanation of the main social media tools.
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Petcloud - Changing Lives

Great example this week demonstrating the 'meaning' our Petcloud venture has in the lives of our customers. What is the meaning of your business in the lives of your customers?  
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